Jeff Bridges: With a shaved head he informs his fans about his state of health

With a new appearance, Jeff Bridges informed his fans via Instagram about the course of his health after the revelation that he suffers from lymphoma, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system, last October.

The movie “Big Lebowski”, who turned 71 on December 4, posted a photo of himself with a shaved head on his Instagram account on Monday.

Sitting on a lounger and cuddling with a puppy, the beloved actor smiles.

“The news is as follows:

• I feel good
• I shaved my head
• I got a puppy, Monty
• I had a birthday – 71 “he wrote on Instagram.

On October 20, Jeff Bridges shared the news with his followers after being diagnosed with the disease. He thanked the fans for their support.

A few days later, he posted a photo of himself during treatment.

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