Japan: “Twitter killer” sentenced to death

A court in Japan has sentenced to death the so-called “Twitter killer”, Takahiro Shirazi, who in 2017 killed nine people.

The 30-year-old approached people who had expressed suicidal thoughts via the internet. Shirazi has confessed to strangling and dismembering his victims, 8 women and a man, within three months. The youngest of his victims was 15 years old and the oldest 26 years old.

“None of the 9 victims agreed to be killed, including tacit consent,” Judge Naokuni Yano told NHK. “It’s extremely serious that nine young people were killed. “The dignity of the victims has been trampled on,” he added.

The crimes of the “Twitter killer” were revealed in October 2017, when police officers went to his apartment, as part of an investigation for a 23-year-old, who turned out to be one of his victims. In the apartment refrigerators and toolboxes containing human limbs.

Shirazi, who underwent psychiatric tests for five months before being charged, used Twitter to find people who had discussed suicide.

In messages he sent them, he promised that he could help them carry out their plan, and even die with them, according to the Japanese media. He wrote on his Twitter account, “I want to help people who are in real pain. Please send me a message at any time “

The father of one of the victims, a 25-year-old woman, told the court he would never forgive Shirazi. “Even now, when I see a woman my daughter’s age, I think she’s her. This pain will never go away. “Bring me back,” said the tragic father.

Defense attorneys called for Siraisi not to be sentenced to death. Their request was to be found guilty of manslaughter by consent, citing messages from the victims which – according to them – were a tacit consent to end their lives.

With information from the Guardian

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