Iraklis Chuzinov: The big winner of GNTM 3 just broke up – “The game changed me” | ZOE

Iraklis Chuzinov gave his first TV interview as the winner of GNTM3 on Wednesday morning.

Invited to the set of the show “Sti Folia ton Kou Kou”, the winner of “GNTM 3” spoke, among other things, about his … fresh separation from his partner, Angeliki.

More specifically, a few minutes after the announcement of the final result in “GNTM 3”, which showed Hercules the winner, on Friday in second place and Andreas in third, Iraklis Chuzinov made his first statements on the camera of the show “In the nest of Kou Kou.


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“I have not yet realized the magnitude of the impact and the prizes. I do not feel satisfied that I defeated Andreas, I feel satisfied that I got here. I did not want to believe it at first, because I was prepared for the worst. Angeliki will logically think of the best. I hope he supports me. Just … okay, I don’t think he can hold my girlfriend’s title, because the truth is we broke. “I just want to dedicate myself to my professional self at the moment, rather than to my staff,” Iraklis said characteristically, in the early hours of Wednesday.

When he was on the set of the show, the winner of “GNTM 3” referred to his recent separation and spoke with disarming honesty.

“In general, I saw all this mess that happened after the audition. I went crazy. I still do not believe it. It seemed very strange to me. I thought about it in the game and said, and not to win, I will do the work. For the personal part, I lived it to the fullest. Angeliki has been a big part of my life and I thank her for that. I just do not know … The game changed me as an experience. The experience was so intense that it changed me. It changed the way I feel. I do not know … I was not the one opposite her, I did not want to make fun of her in this part. I wanted to be clear so that we are both complete. It closed very nicely. We remain friends and have contacts. Angeliki is a very strong girl. He ate very strong hate. Whatever I went through psychologically, she also went out. “He behaved very well,” said Hercules of “GNTM 3”.

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