In northern Greece most victims of coronavirus


It records the geographical distribution of confirmed deaths in our country iMEdD Lab application, with northern Greece mourning most of the dead

More than 3,600 people have lost their lives in Greece since COVID-19, of whom 3,061 died between November 1st and December 14th.


As the iMEdD Lab points out, “we have managed to gather anonymous data on the geographical distribution of 3,214 deaths per Regional Unit since the beginning of the pandemic (corresponding to 87% of the 3,687 total deaths by December 14)”.

According to the data, the areas most affected by the pandemic are: Pella (148.9 deaths per 100,000 population), Drama (142.4), Pieria (116.8) and Serres (104.3). Thessaloniki has 67.5 dead per 100,000 population and Attica 17.2.