In Maximou catering workers – Police reprimands


Restrictive measures have led to despair in the catering industry with workers experiencing the effects of the health crisis first hand.

Workers in the restaurant protested outside the Maximos Palace, with the police proceeding with arrests despite the fact that the gathering was by three people and all the necessary protection measures had been taken. “We are hungry” read the banner they raised.

“It simply came to our notice then. They have brought us. They take us to the department to verify data. We followed the lockdown health protocols. We went three elected, institutional of the catering industry to open a banner. “We have the travel permits, the main police officers did not want to see them and they take us to the department,” George Hotzoglou, president of Tourism and Food Workers, told Open TV.

As Mr. Hotzoglou explained, it was a symbolic move. “We stood opposite the Maximos Palace, raised a banner, told the police chief that we would stay for 10 minutes and leave and they would take us to the department,” he said.