Improved second business opportunity program for 3,000 unemployed with emphasis on digital economy and women

Greek Republic
Ethnikis Antistasis 8, Ano Kalamaki, e-mail: [email protected]

Athens, 15.12.2020


Improved Second Business Opportunity Program for 3,000 unemployed with emphasis on digital economy and women

In the framework of continuous evaluation and improvement of all programs of the Organization, the Management of OAED proceeded to the redesign of “Second business opportunity program, Which had filled only 2,000 of the 5,000 available positions in 22 months. The purpose of the program is to give a second chance to those who have ceased their business, start a new business and reintegrate the labor market.

The grant lasts 12 months, with a 3-month commitment and the grant amount varies from € 12,000 for individual business, up to € 24,000 for business with three beneficiary partners. Upon request, after the completion of the 3-month commitment, the duration can be extended by 12 months and the The total amount of the grant will range from € 20,000 to € 36,000.

Specifically, with today’s decision of the Board of the Organization, the following changes were approved so that the program to become more flexible, attractive and efficient and absorb faster remaining 3,000 seats:

• At least 40% of the seats will be covered by unemployed women

• Businesses digital economy will receive 40% extra points

Beneficiaries are expanding, as the period that they should have stopped their business activity from 1/1 / 2012-6 / 8/2018, which was valid on 1/1 / 2012-31 / 10/2020

• More flexible terms business incubators, coworking spaces and other structures to support entrepreneurship, as well as in-house operation for digital businesses.

Disabled and women victims of gender and domestic violence will receive 60% extra points.

Beneficiaries are registered unemployed who meet all the following conditions:

• have ceased business activity from 1/1/2012 to 31/10/2020

• have not transferred their business or share to a company owned by spouses or persons of first or second degree kinship

• have not exercised any professional / business activity from 1/11/2020 until the publication of the Ministerial Decision and

• have paid to the Special Unemployment Account the monthly contribution of 10 euros for at least one year or have regulated it and are aware of the terms of the regulation.

Unemployed former entrepreneurs who have not started a new activity can also apply for the program, provided that after the notification of the positive evaluation (pre-approval) of their business plan by OAED, they will start operating in a tax office within two months.

The OAED Commander Spyros Protopsaltis stated that “OAED listens to the needs of the real economy and stands by those businessmen affected by the pandemic. With the support of unemployed former entrepreneurs, we reformed the second chance program, emphasizing the development of the digital economy and women entrepreneurship and adapted our actions to respond to the developments and new data that emerged due to the pandemic. Through the expansion and flexibility of the program, we aim to create sustainable businesses that will contribute to the country’s economic recovery».

The cost of the amount program € 48,000,000 will be covered by the Agency’s budget.