Iliana Papageorgiou threw her “nail” for Kazarian, Katia and Anna Maria

See what Iliana Papageorgiou said about the previous winners of GNTM.

Whether Iraklis Tsuzinov can do things abroad was discussed in Pop Up, with Iliana Papageorgiou emphasizing that the GNTM winner should go out, while at the same time she threw her “nails” at Irini Kazarian, Katia Tarabanko and Anna Maria Iliadou.

“Elite models have nothing to do with the end result. Hercules simply signs a contract and goes abroad with them. It is important for Hercules to go abroad. Let’s just say that the other kids who had contracts never left. Neither Irene Kazarian left, nor Katia left with Anna Maria.

“For better or worse, we are also Greeks, it is also nice here, we have a good time, we see things a little differently and we forget why we went there and why we started”, said Iliana Papageorgiou.