I “blame” Tsipras against Mitsotakis for irresponsibility and lack of understanding

The leader of the official opposition described the 2021 budget as “virtual” and “provocative” during his speech in Parliament, where he opposed the prime minister and the government for the entire agenda of the main issues of the day.

Alexis Tsipras stigmatized the fact that the government provides 572 million euros less for health, attributing indifference to the consequences to a number of social groups. Mocking the government, he pointed out that he also provides for an increase and that is in tax revenues.

“You bring a budget that does not respond to the anxieties of a large majority that is silent today. This middle class that you were so interested in before the elections is those who live on their salary, they are the ones who work from home and have their minds on whether their children can make ends meet with distance education. Those who have been suspended and are searching the internet for a pre-paid job since January. “Those who saved a living for their grandchildren and now pay their children’s bills,” said Alexis Tsipras, adding: “They are the ones you betrayed and are not characterized by whether they wear a tie, but by their needs. “None of the media outlets you cluttered with state money have time to devote to them.”

From a positive example we became an example to avoid

The president of SYRIZA was also fierce on the issue of the pandemic, accusing the prime minister and the government of not taking their responsibilities.

“Did you do everything so well as to justify your ministers’ enthusiasm for the death toll?” Is it not true that for months you admired yourself for the first phase instead of giving free mass tests, instead of multiplying the means of public transport? Isn’t it true that you opened tourism without a plan? Isn’t it true that you even ignored suggestions and warnings from the scientific community? ” said A. Tsipras.

Personally accusing Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he stated “is it not true that you constantly blamed the citizens themselves for six months? Even when in a moment of carelessness you broke the lockdown yourself. Even then you did not think to apologize. “Say I take responsibility once in my life as prime minister.”

“I also blame him for a lack of understanding, which is something more important. In one of his sermons he speaks and says that he has an image and understands that there are some Greeks who are dependent on their salary and another time in a foreign agency he says that he is very optimistic about the course of the economy because with the pandemic the Greeks they can not spend and save. Which country do you rule? Greece or Luxembourg? ” he said elsewhere in his speech.

The numbers falsify you and you falsify the numbers

Citing data on the economy, Alexis Tsipras said that the country had the biggest recession in Europe in the third quarter and in the nine months is in the last positions.

“You are completely out of place and time and you are unaware of the danger because the recession is a catastrophe equal to the financial crisis. “The pandemic exists all over Europe, but Greece is behind in terms of the measures you are taking and the unemployment and the lockouts in the market and, finally, unfortunately, your deaths,” said the leader of the official opposition, adding that “our country is 17th in fiscal measures, while it is 19th in terms of liquidity measures. According to the OECD, our country was in the penultimate position in health expenditures “.

“In a Europe that understands in time what is happening in the face of the 2009 financial crisis, you are denying access to new sources of funding. You bring double-digit recession. This failure will not only be detrimental to the whole, it is a time bomb for tomorrow. You have opportunities that no other government has had since the country entered the euro. “You have no excuse for being behind in Europe in spending and last in recession.”

Huge steps back to the national

Alexis Tsipras also used harsh language for the fiasco of the Summit. Among other things, he mentioned:

  • Mr. Petsas had stated that if you did not receive sanctions you would not return, you would stay in Brussels. He used to say and say other things than what you say today.
  • No steps were taken forward, huge steps were taken backwards
  • You who said that you secured an alliance with France, what position did France take at the Summit? What was the position of our traditional allies such as Spain and Italy?
  • What will you do if this provocation becomes widespread?
  • This defeat can turn into the biggest national defeat of our generation if you continue like this. Greece cannot continue without a national strategy.
  • We will not accept a discussion about gray areas for demilitarized islands, we will not accept guarantees or the stay of an occupying army in Cyprus. Arrange your course.
  • We do not vote against the increase in military spending, but we do not give you a blank check without consultation, without strategy.

“Let us not forget it, the darkest moment of the night is just before the dawn of the next days” concluded A. Tsipras, concluding his speech.