I am legally at a dead end (video)

For the pink video starring the same that was released on the internet, among others, the Ioanna Touni who was invited to the show “Happy” with Katerina Keinourgiou.

“I am legally at a dead end. Psychologically I am very well now, but in general I am a strong person “ she explained.

“Even my coworker told me that in my place she could not leave the house again. These are the things you hear most often in these cases. I really tried my limits, I even overcame them, but I will keep that I came out much stronger. I hope no girl goes through it ».

And he continued: “I have not lost faith in people. I do not like to judge other women myself. I want to give everyone a chance to show me what it is. My self-confidence has changed and how much I will feel that I want to expose myself, to be more careful… In the end I always blame myself. What my mom and I said is that we are in the age of technology, we are all day with a cell phone in hand how careful you are, it’s relevant. It could really happen to anyone. It was a bad time. It’s not that a camera crew came. I think everyone has a mobile phone in their hand» concluded.

See after 10:25 in the following video what he said: