How George Karavas commented on the victory of Iraklis Chuzinov – Newsbeast

Unprecedented experience, characterized George Karavas the experience of his participation in GNTM 3. The model had taken on the role of model coach in this year’s cycle of the Star Channel competition.

“It was an unprecedented experience for me the television part. I liked it very much, everything went well and the personal bet I had placed on myself, I won it “said George Karavas a few minutes after the final of his grand final GNTM 3.

He would do it again George Karavas but the specific professional step? The coach’s answer was clear. “Of course I would do it again,” said George Karavas.

It was worth it GNTM victory by Iraklis Chuzinov; “The people were the final judge, where they gave Hercules the advantage and with the overall course and the score given by the judges, it was worth it!” said George Karavas and added that: “The first with the second had a very small difference, of the order of 3-4 points.”