Hoteliers react: What do they want us to accept “sleep only” customers?

“Hotel restaurants operate legally only to serve the residents in them and with specific strict conditions and rules, which they must strictly adhere to and abide by.” This is noted in a statement by the Panhellenic Hoteliers Federation, emphasizing, among other things, that restaurants can not be closed as long as the hotels remain open and in operation, as the customers who stay in them, must be served.

The hotel companies, since the beginning of the pandemic, have adhered and continue to adhere to the very strict health protocols provided for them and have proven to be the safest places, POX notes in its announcement and underlines: “The reward -” punishment For our above effort, it was, in the midst of a lockdown, to keep our hotels open – essentially closed, with no revenue and in addition to the additional support measures provided for closed businesses. they have customers – residents, because they have not stopped operating on their own “.

POX, finally, calls on the competent authorities to finally decide, as it states, “if they want us to accept customers” only for sleep “, because we have lost him all the last time”. However, hotels that will not be allowed to receive customers, can not be left open, not even for a joke “, POX typically states in its announcement.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ