His cough worried social media users

What happens and he coughs Biden; In yesterday’s speech, lasting 14 minutes, he tried to clear his throat 17 times. Why; If a user’s remark on social media is valid, then what about the newly elected US President?

Except for the special boot he wears after the accident he had while playing with his dog Major, now another health problem has appeared. Yesterday, he tried to clear his throat not once but several times, while openly accusing Trump of not being able to prove his defeat after his – expected – election (Biden) by the House of Electors.

Joe Biden clears throat through speech after Electoral College certification results

Speaking from his home in Delaware, the 78-year-old Democrat began to criticize Republican billionaire“Cough often forced him to stop his verbal attack on Trump:” Thank you, but I’m a little cold, I’m sorry, but look, you did it, you did it, it’s not funny, “he said after he finished talking about to explain to Americans what is happening to his health.

“This campaign for the presidency is more like the first time I was 29 and running for the Senate. I thought ordinary people and great people would come with me … You did not disappoint us. You did not disappoint the country. I really mean it, think about it », he added.

However, users on social media share their concern for President Joe’s health by listening to his cough and hoarse voice. A user wrote on Twitter: «Drink some water, Joe. You scare us». For her part, Dr. Melody McCloud wrote on Twitter, addressing Biden senior adviser Karin Jean-Pierre, advising him to cough inside his elbow rather than his hand for better hygiene.

“Congratulations. But please … tell President-elect Biden to cough inside his elbow, not his hand. As a doctor, I like to see it every time. Please. Practice if necessary. Set a good example. Thanks”, said Dr. Melody Cloud.

NPR political correspondent Scott Detrove wrote that Biden usually clears his throat during speeches, but «this is the most persistent cough I have ever heard». A Twitter user asked: “Does Biden need a COVID test?”

After concluding his speech, Biden insisted that a small cold was to blame. Biden submitted to Covid test last Friday and the test came out negative, according to the White House.

A Twitter user claimed that “Biden cleared his throat at least 17 times tonight in his 14-minute speech!”. “Should he take cough syrup?” Another user suggested.

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