Heating Allowance: When the platform opens – When payments are expected

The special platform of AADE is expected to open next Tuesday or Wednesday so that the applications for the new heating allowance can start.

The allowance this year will concern not only those who use heating oil but also natural gas and wood – pellets for mountainous areas up to 2,500 inhabitants.

The amount will range from a minimum of 80 euros up to 650 euros.

The platform is expected to close around January 10 with payments also being made in the first month of 2021, while it is reminded that in order to receive the full allowance, one must have bought fuel at least doubled in value.

The criteria

The criteria for awarding the heating subsidy do not change compared to the previous season.

The right to subsidy is provided to households with:

  • Total value of real estate, up to 130,000 euros for singles, widows or widowers and 250,000 euros for married or cohabiting parties and single-parent families and
  • Annual total family income up to 12,000 euros for an unmarried or widowed person or widower or at a distance of 20,000 euros for a married debtor or the married or the parties to the cohabitation agreement which is increased by 2,000 euros for each child. For single-parent families the income amounts to 22,000 euros, which is increased by 2,000 euros for each child after the first.

The process

In terms of procedure, taxpayers should:

  • to enter using his Taxis codes
  • to choose the settlement to which they belong, among about 13,000 in which temperatures have been recorded. If they do not find their settlement they will choose the indication “other” with the allowance being calculated based on the average of their municipality
  • submit the application with the invoices at their disposal
  • through an algorithm the system will calculate the allowance to which the applicant is entitled.
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