Heating allowance: Until Wednesday the platform

Applications for the new one are expected to start next Tuesday or Wednesday heating benefit on its special platform ΑΑΔΕ. Not only oil purchases are subsidized, but even gas bills issued afterwards.

For this reason the system will reopen again and again, to accept fuel purchase invoices, during the winter season.

Beneficiaries will enter with the Taxisnet codes and will follow the following steps:

1st) They will choose their settlement, among the approximately 13,500 for whom temperatures have been recorded, so that a different allowance applies to each of them.

2nd) If their own settlement has not been registered, they will select “another settlement” and the allowance will be calculated based on the average of their municipality.

3rd) Along with the application will be submitted all the invoices available until then.

4ον) The platform will close on January 10 and then the system will calculate the allowance to which each interested party is entitled, based on the invoices so far.

5ον) Payments will be made in January, after the application platform closes.

6th) The platform will probably reopen in February-March, to announce extra tariffs and fuel purchases. Whatever invoices they put in, they will cover the amount of allowance they are entitled to receive.

7ον) The platform will stop accepting invoices at the end of the winter season, in April or May. Payments will again be made on the basis of purchase invoices submitted by the beneficiary of the grant.

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