He will have 90% disability for the rest of his life (video)

The latest developments regarding the health of the well-known presenter seem to be very unpleasant, Konstantinos Angelidis.

According to what his lawyer told “T-Live” show, will have on from 90% disability for the rest of his life.

THE Mr. Tatsis talked to her today Tatiana Stefanidou Mrs.He explained on the one hand what the sanctions will be for the bus insurance company which fell on him Konstantinos Angelidis while he also shared conclusion of the medical team that monitors him.

“It turned out in the end that the bus attempted an illegal maneuver from the right lane to the completely left lane and given that it was also the so-called harmonica bus, all the current on Vouliagmeni Avenue was closed, with the result that Konstantinos, who made the maneuver, could not avoid collision.

The state disability control center confirmed the permanent damage. It gave more than 90% disability to Constantine for the rest of his life. “No trial, no compensation can restore the extent of the damage to this man and how much this family has been hurt.” said Mr. Tatsis characteristically, while a while ago it had become known that the presenter suffered from headaches.