He went for chemotherapy and ended up with a fine

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An outraged daughter of a cancer patient complains of arbitrariness in the fines imposed for non-compliance with the measures against the spread of the coronavirus, describing the adventure she lived trying to move from Veria to Thessaloniki in order for her mother to undergo chemotherapy.

Speaking to ANT1, he told what he experienced a few days ago.

“We have been trying to explain the situation for half an hour,” said the complainant, speaking of the traffic police’s apathy, “as much as explaining the most obvious situation to them”, urging them to file an objection. “I always have a bag with referrals and exams with me. Of course we have submitted everything to the objection. He was adamant. It was very sad. “My mother is short of breath trying to answer the questions of the Traffic Police and about the name of her father who has died since the ’80s …” he said.

The test was performed on their return from a clinic in Thessaloniki to Veria.

The Traffic Police stops us at the toll booths, looks at us from the window and I am sure that it will tell us “pass, please”, that it will make it easier for us. “She told us you are too many, bring me your IDs”, says the daughter of the cancer patient who explained in detail the process that is followed.

According to the Traffic Police, they fined each of them and her cancer-stricken mother who was in the transport vehicle they used. Later, however, after the publicity of the case, ANT1 broadcast that the Traffic Police canceled the imposed fines.