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Pedro Martins stood in the very bad condition of the field, speaking to Nova’s camera. “In the first half, many mistakes were made by both teams. This pitch does not look like a football field, but a skating rink. The players had no stability and no one wanted to play in him. It was dangerous for their physical integrity. In the second half the rhythm improved, there were phases on our part, there was an improvement of the spectacle, but the game was not of good quality because of the playing field. Our image improved in the second half and with the changes. In the first part, both teams were more restrained, they looked more to defend. “In the second half, the players wanted to create more,” said the Portuguese coach initially.

Regarding the mistakes of his players: “We tried in the second half to reduce or correct our mistakes. “The pitch was unsuitable for football, however.”

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On whether AEK was more competitive than Aris and Panathinaikos: “The championship is very competitive until the end. Panathinaikos is improving, Aris is making a good progress and the championship will be interesting until the end “.


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