He is the rooster in the coop and they are fighting in the mud for him

THE Natalie Kakkava spoke on a TV show and among other things referred to the programs he watches or not. It fell on her arrows Bachelor, Mr.as as he mentioned it is not of its aesthetics, in contrast to Big Brother.

“I do not see a Bachelor. It does not fit my aesthetics. I had said that in the summer as well. It does not suit me to see 15-20 women claiming a man as if he is the rooster in the henhouse. First of all what should everyone like? I really like to see him, not to fall in love with him and to fight and fall in the mud. Big Brother makes me feel good, because they unfold their character. I identify more easily with these closed people now in the quarantine period. Do you like that some women are undressing for a trophy? Did you expect him to have this success? Extreme personalities have entered the Bachelor “, said the Natalie Kakkava.

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