He does acupuncture, meditation and cooks cauliflower stew

THE Thanasis Efthymiadis a few weeks ago created a new Instagram account like the previous one he had a Turk had hacked him. The actor, who in recent years has distanced himself from television events, has devoted himself to his family and to a purer and simpler way of life. In his latest posts he talks about the benefits of acupuncture, meditation and suggests vegan recipes such as cauliflower stew.

Referring to meditation he writes:
“I used to be afraid of needles.
I fainted when I had a blood test
Until confidently the hands of an acupuncturist friend.
Now I find treatment on the needles.
I enjoy them.
Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatments
In a gentle, gentle way, it loosens the energy knots and blockages that cause pain in our physical body.
Have you tried it? “

Thanasis Efthymiadis suggests meditation
“Quiet meditation
I made a new video, lock down version,
because in the times we live in, it is a very important aid!
Make this gift for yourself. 15 minutes a day just for you.
Is important.
On an empty stomach, wear comfortable clothes, find a quiet place. If it is in nature, fine. If it is in your room again well (open the window a little).
Put an alarm for 11 minutes on your phone and turn it off.
The first time I tried it, the 11 minutes seemed like an hour, so do not judge it from the first time. Do it for a week and then decide. I can not say anything else, meditation is something exclusively experiential, it has nothing to do with religions, it is just a tool for self-knowledge and for our peace of mind.
“Good health lies in the simple things.”

While for the diet suggests cauliflower stew

“Only in recent years have I discovered the joy of cooking something on my own from the beginning.
I used to say that I do not have time to cook. Now I am fascinated by the alchemy used by a cook to put time, ingredients and a lot of love into making food delicious.
The kitchen is the hearth, the heart of the house, in winter all the family members are buried there.
Now that we are experiencing the smallest days of the year, before the winter solstice,
the old recipes come out of notebooks.
Today – Cauliflower stew (yachni)!
It is healing the house to smell spices (cinnamon clove orange zest Daphne bukovo garlic ginger) all the old recipes are made with a lot of meaning and love to support us in the days when the light is dim.
They are the scents that warm the heart and calm the soul.
A few more days, and the golden light will begin to grow again.
“Good health lies in the simple things.”

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