Google Maps removed Bone Road from suggested routes after driver froze to -50 and died (pics & vids) | Plus: International

A incredible tragedy in Russia forced her Google to remove from the suggested routes the famous Bone Road.

As reported by RT in particular, Google is now advising drivers how it is … much better to add three hours to their journey, following a different route between the Russian cities of the Far East Yakutsk and Magadan, after two people stuck at -50 degrees Celsius on this deserted street with the nightmarish name, with one, in fact, losing his life!

After a weekly search, the body of an 18-year-old was recovered from a snow-covered car on the unused highway near Oymyakon, τον coldest, permanently inhabited, settlement in the world. Surprisingly, his friend survived and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for frostbite. The radiator in their vehicle stopped working they both stuck to it cold hell.

The Google Maps, however, had previously advised drivers to follow the so-called Bone Road, which, according to local sources, has not been used for years. Although it offers a faster route, reducing driving time between Yakutsk and Magadan in 31 hours instead of 34, the lack of road services such as snow clearing and the almost non-existent traffic, makes him extremely dangerous in emergencies, especially in winter.

In Russia, Google navigation software is less popular than Yandex.Maps and Navigator based in Moscow, which have about 50 million monthly users in both applications. Many believe that they offer much better local knowledge than the American tech giant, with some Twitter users saying that this incident serves as further evidence why drivers should use “only Yandex Maps in Russia».

Because you will be wondering, The Bone Road “earned” its scary name as it was built under forced labor and thousands died during its construction in the Soviet Union..

The two young men were in one area of ​​420 kilometers, known as Old Summer Road, which is now completely deserted after adding a new road segment during an upgrade. The area is known as a extreme challenge for those looking for an adventure.