GNTM3: Hercules’ tears of joy and the first statements after the victory – Television

After about three months and after many and difficult trials, GNTM 3 reached its end on the night of Tuesday 15/12, highlighting Iraklis Chuzinov as the big winner.

From the first moment, everyone talked about a favorite in his case. The first male winner of GNTM, lminutes after his big win, he said: “The phase is ικη winner obviously, I am very happy, I am very grateful for this opportunity and in general that I won. “I just can’t wait to see my mother, to see how she perceives it and to see her smile!”

Hercules came out first both in the tests and the score of the judges, as well as in the voting of the television audience and he was especially moved at the moment of the announcement of his victory.

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