GNTM: What did Andreas Athanasopoulos write after his defeat in the final?

“I gave my best and I will continue to do that, now that the real game begins,” says Andreas Athanasopoulos after the end of GNTM 3.

Andreas Athanasopoulos reached the final of GNTM 3 with high expectations. Unfortunately, however, the rating from his photos and the public vote left him in third place, behind Iraklis and on Friday.

A few hours ago, Andreas Athanasopoulos uploaded his first photo on Instagram, after the completion of GNTM and wrote a few words…

The text written by Andreas Athanasopoulos in the early hours of Wednesday, after the final of GNTM 3, was: “The beautiful journey has come to end for me somewhere here! A huge thank you for all the support and love you have shown me. I gave my best and I will continue to do so, now that the real game begins. Remember health, smiles, love and above all faith in yourself and I wish all your dreams come true! Cheers, to new beginnings ».