GNTM final: How the pandemic changes everything in the glamorous night (exclusive images)

GNTM final: Under other circumstances, such an hour and more specifically a breath before the grand finale of GNTM 3 would be a small loss outside the studio that is shooting the last night of the spectacular show.

The conditions with the pandemic of Covid-19, however, change everything, as you will see in the first exclusive images of, absolute calm prevails.

For the time being, outside the studio where the live will take place in a few hours, there is no crowd or movement, except for a few technicians and his van transported the players during the reality show to the tests.

In the live of the final for the announcement of the result, there will be links from abroad, retrospective videos but also the voting of the public, which will have the opportunity to rate live his favorite model and determine the final result so that we can be led to the big moment. , which everyone is waiting for: in the announcement of the ultimate GNTM 3 for 2020!

See the first images in the gallery but also videos