GNTM 3: The iconic appearances of Vicky Kaya in the final -6 dresses, one and one, wonderful [εικόνες] | ZOE

Vicky Kaya is a front-line model and therefore knows how to transform. However, in this year’s GNTM 3, her appearances took on another dimension and gave incredible inspiration for unique beauty looks.

Iraklis, Andreas and Paraskevi were the models of GNTM 3 that finally reached the final with Emiliano also reaching the source but he did not drink water in the end, after he took a breath away from his final reality show. The big winner of GNTM 3 was finally Hercules in a night that had it all: anxiety, competition, emotion and … shine!


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Of course, Vicky Kaya, as befits a grand finale, literally chose convoluted – as she would say – creations.

So all the toilets that Vicky Kaya chose to wear in each phase of the GNTM 3 final, were special, but with the dress of Brettos Vrettakos and the pink creation of Silia Kritharioti that she wore in the live part of this year’s final, to steal the impressions .

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya in a suit

Vicky Kaya’s first appearance was in a black suit and pointed heels.

Vicky Kaya uniquely combined it Louis Vuitton suit choosing a scarf in metallic shades, to give the necessary shine.

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya in a black mini dress

Very special was the appearance of Viki Kaya in a black dress that had feathers on the end and a draped design on the top Enny Monaco, also combined with sandals.

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya with a black toilet

Series had a lovely black designer dress Jacquemus with a cut at the top, which Vicky Kaya combined with shiny jewelry and sandals.

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya with the ultimate New Year’s Eve toilet

Of course Vicky Kaya could not help but make a completely glam look!

And she did it wearing the perfect dress for New Year’s Eve, a black bodysuit and a transparent long dress with shiny rhinestones and a high neck.

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya with the toilet that made her shine

Sparkle and Shine was written in the caption of her post by Vicky Kaya and she did it, since with this creation of Vrettou Vrettakou, a mini dress decorated with silk black lace and a shoulder that was really impressive as it was decorated with 150,000 crystals, literally shone.

GNTM 3 final: Vicky Kaya with pink couture created by Celia Kritahrioti

And for the end, Vicky Kaya made a shocking appearance with a couture creation Silia Kritharioti in pink color all with feathers combined with mules.

Her ensemble was completed with shiny jewelry and crimson lips.