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“I believe in myself and I believe that the next Next Top Model could be a gypsy.” In this way, the Friday of Kerasioti was introduced to the audience of GNTM 3.

Iraklis Chuzinov may have won the GNTM 3, but 19-year-old Paraskevi Kerasioti, who left the competition and returned a few weeks later, proved that she is determined to succeed and finally made it to the finals by finishing second.

GNTM 3: What is Kerasioti Friday?

Paraskevi is 19 years old and lives with her family in Patras. From the first moment she confessed that she has experienced racism due to her origin from a young age but even today. “I have experienced racism because of my background. Even at school when I was younger the kids might have looked at me a bit, they might not have played with me. Even today on the bus or in a shop I go to they can look at me a bit. I do not understand why they are doing this and they are racist towards us. We are all human but we are different.


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Friday has lived in a camp with her family, however, as she had said “now things have changed a lot and we live normally and in our homes and school we have gone, we have finished it and we do not get married from a young age”. The model had typically stated that this may be a gypsy custom but her family does not follow it.

Her father also spoke about the different way he raised his children on Friday, when he appeared on GNTM 3. The father-daughter relationship was extremely moving. “I am not a strict father, I want to give freedom to my children. In our tribe, you know, we have some customs and I avoided them many years ago, before I even got married. I am a free bird. I say, choose what you want and I will always be by your side, and me and your mom “, said the father of the 19-year-old.

GNTM 3: The first appearance on Friday

«ExoticSaid Vicky Kaya, watching her come towards her. “You have been told that you look like Pocahontas,” he added. Friday was very much liked by the judges, who showed their enthusiasm.

Before GNTM 3, the 19-year-old had not been involved in modeling, apart from some amateur photography. On Friday, she announced her participation in GNTM 3, believing that it will help her make a start in the field of fashion, in order to pave the way for her professional modeling.

Video: Friday’s audition on GNTM 3

In fact, during her audition, Friday sent a very strong message against racism. «I’m a Gypsy and I would like to send a message. When I was younger I received bad reviews because of my background, but growing up I overcame that. I am not ashamed of who I am, I love what I am very much and I want to send a message to all women and all Gypsies, to love themselves, to love their bodies and not be ashamed of what they are. Each person has their own unique beauty and it is good to show this».

The lukewarm course of Friday at GNTM 3

Friday may have made it into the GNTM 3 home, but it was short-lived. The aspiring model showed that she was trying to find it with the photos, showing that she was having a hard time. Her career in fashion reality could be described as lukewarm, with her departure from home not surprising.

When the player was in the exit duel with Russell, she could not hold back her tears, while when she heard her name, she burst into tears. Friday never took out the oxygen for taking underwater and that cost her her stay at GNTM 3. “If we measure the course for me, I think I have given more than Russell and I deserve more. I know I did not get the oxygen out of my mouth, it was the divers inside. If I judge this, I accept it“, She had said in tears, in her statements after leaving.

GNTM 3: Friday returned and scanned

After about a month, Friday returned to GNTM 3, looking more confident and ready. Her choice by the head of scouting of the Elite London agency, Joel Bough, surprised many of the players. “Unbelievable,” Demosthenes exclaimed when he heard her name, while the models inside the house were speechless.

“Friday is one of the players I wanted to chase for a long time. “Her hours are counted in here, what came, what will leave now in a little while, I do not even care”, said Emiliano.

However, Friday not only did not leave but swept until the final!

GNTM 3: Friday returned and scanned

In the second photo shoot after her return, Friday made the surprise and posing with elegance but also sexy look with lingerie, without being distracted from what was happening around her, she got the job. But he did not stop there, as he conquered the top in “Sand Dunes” photography, posing with dynamism and Mad Max vibes in the lens of Marios Kazakos.

With her super-complex pose, Friday proved her leadership role in the desert gang and got the job! #GNTMgr #StarChannelTv Star Channel #TeamParaskevi

Posted by Greece’s Next Top Model on Monday, December 7, 2020

The aspiring model impressed the judges every time, as she transformed, presenting a different image from the one she had shown until her departure. Somehow he found himself in the grand final of GNTM 3.

GNTM 3: The last photo shoot on Friday, in the final

The emblematic Municipal Theater of Piraeus became the setting for the two sets of the last photoshoot of GNTM 3 under the lens of Dimitris Skoulos.

In the first concept the models were framed by George Karavas and Vicky Kaya, while in the second by other models who were professionals, but the three children did not know them personally.

The concept included an impressive red carpet, in which the models are photographed as stars, who are awarded and a luxurious atmospheric party, which follows after the award.

Friday gave it all and collected 76 points from the judges’ score, winning the second place and the love of the TV audience!

The first thing Friday will do as soon as it comes out of GNTM 3

Shortly before the final, in a discussion that the models had with the coach, George Karavas, Friday revealed what he will do as soon as he leaves home.

«The most difficult farewell for me was when I left. I was not sad for anyone else, I was sad that I left and left this phase. Before I left I did not think I could get here, but as soon as I came back I believed it very much. I wanted to be the only girl who would stay home. I made it. Because of my background I never thought I could do this and when I got home I was very happy. The first thing I want to do when I leave home and I do not want to waste any time is to learn English directly. I think this will help a lot, I want to do it, learn fast and do things“, Typically stated the Friday of GNTM 3.

However, the reason he announced his participation in GNTM 3 on Friday was to make a start in the field of fashion and he probably succeeded!