George Chraniotis revealed what was happening in Survivor when the cameras were closed (vid) | Plus: Showbiz

Initially, George Chraniotis expressed something that bothers him and for which his youthful behavior may be to blame. I may be wearing my hat upside down, but I want to remind them that I have been doing theater for 26 years. I want to remind you because I am not a child who has just come out of drama. I want to tell them to see my CV first “.

Then, George Chraniotis spoke about Survivor, in which he participated in 2017, and revealed what happened when the cameras were closed:

“In the beginning I was hiding, because the word reality was kind of in my head. Then I realized that you can be authentic in such a condition. The cameras were not open 24 hours a day. When they were open and I did not want to expose and expose myself, I just closed my mouth. “When I wanted to have a personal discussion, I did it when the cameras were closed”, clarified George Chraniotis.