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“Thank you for this exercise, you are also invited. We are very proud and happy to have the opportunity to show you your future fighter aircraft… “. With these words, the French pilot Flying (I) with Rafale C with the nickname “Fabien”, sums up the enthusiasm of both himself and his colleagues, who are currently at the Andravida air base in Ilia.

And this is the way he chooses to answer the question of the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency about the message he would give -if he could- to all Greeks, through the hi-tech cockpit of his fighter, in flight to skies of Greece.


“Greece is an amazing country”

What makes an exercise in Greece special is, as the French pilot explains, the uniqueness of the landscapes and the relief. That is why “Fabien” and his colleagues deeply appreciate their participation in the multinational “Driver 2021”. “The mountains of the country, the seas make the missions very interesting. We need to adapt all our tactics to all this variety of landscapes, and this is something we find great… “, explains the pilot of a Rafale C of the French Armée de l’Air et de l’Espace (AAE).

Six fighters of this type participate in the exercise of Greece until Friday, April 22, while the pilots of five more naval fighters Rafale M of Marine Nationale, ie aircraft operating from aircraft carriers, are trained with “Fabien” and his colleagues in the Air Force. .

The young pilot can not hide his enthusiasm for the excellent design of the exercise by the executives of the Greek PA. “We do not have the same landscapes, the same morphology in France. Of course, we also have a variety of landscapes, but this Greek diversity is important because it is very close to the base of Andravida. This is very interesting because we do not have to fly for a long time until we experience this territorial morphology and this is a very beautiful experience… “, adds the Rafale C pilot with enthusiasm.


The French Flyer is unable to “choose” when we ask him for his favorite moments in this year’s “Iniocho”, but the daily action is something that excites him. “All the missions are very interesting, what is special is that we always fly 20 jets in the same time period! “So all our missions are unique and interesting,” he explains.

The Rafale market from Greece

“We are very excited. We are excited to show you your new, future fighter aircraft. We are also happy to talk to the future Greek Rafale pilots “, the French pilot answers the relevant question, in front of a single-seater fighter of the type.

He makes special mention of the abilities of his colleagues, the Greek pilots as he experienced them. “We are all part, part of the North Atlantic Alliance, we are all NATO pilots. “So it is very interesting to meet again, to work together and to plan our missions together,” he emphasizes.

The discussion closes with an appeal to what’s not being “trained” by cool, multi-talented 21st century fighter pilots, emotion. Does the French pilot have more than the flight in his own heart? “Fabien” smiles, takes a breath and answers without spinning: “No, I do not love anything more than flight. Flying is something unique. That’s why we are all here, to fly our jets together! “


“Merci pour tout” and not goodbye but “au revoir”, “Fabien”!

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ


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