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Look to see coincidence… They say it differently: «Football always succeeds and gives you back what it has unjustly taken from you».

The crucial playoffs have started and what about him PAOK:

  • Third minute at PAOK-AEK and 10. The second half starts and in the first minute, it is 2-1.
  • She plays with him Olympic, starts the second half with 0-0 and in the first phase, in the fourth minute, to… 1-0.
  • The fight is coming to Cleanthis Vikelidis and in his first attack, in the fifth minute, to it 0-1 with Swab!

These are his three victories PAOK in the play offs! Three matches, where he was first, he scored early AND AFTER, he had to manage a different situation, waiting for the opponent, who had to break a more closed and organized defensive line… (The same thing happened in Tripoli, but there he was betrayed from the crash).

Who did this; THE PAOK!

The team which earlier this year, had conceded 12 times in the opponent’s first attack and then was forced to take the ball and break closed defenses.

In matches with smaller “opponents” something was achieved (PAS, Volos, Lamia, Apollon, Panetolikos when he equalized in the first phase) while in the big matches, whenever he conceded the first goal in such an occasion, he did not get many things…

Here’s the… Beware:

Does anyone work to score the first goal? Is it something that is done in training? You idiots! Whether you accept it or not, you must – as a large team – be able to manage every situation.

So the big team that wants to claim high goals and make a championship run, can not be influenced by… the first goal.

This is the issue in Greek football and in most “moderate” teams. (Almost all that is…).

  • You score the first goal, you go to the expediency, you watch back, you wait, you take advantage of the other’s inability to create in such situations and… usually on the contrary, you also score the second.
  • On the contrary… “eat” the goal and because you are weak to break a closed defense, you press it!

But it does not happen like this, if you want to have goals… It is not possible to depend on the first goal and how soon it will come, if it comes…

Let’s go below to something related…

How to do it… O PAOK of the initial 3-4-2-1 that won PLAYING AGAINST the Besiktas and Benfica, NEVER OPENED closed defense. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Neither last year in the playoffs, nor this year. (Here is the other nonsense about that PAOK “Built” -and well- to play with 3-4-3! A great team, with so many millions of budgets, built to play a single formation and much more with three stoppers;)

Anyway, was there a case of a big team, with high goals to tolerate this (the impossibility of breaking down a closed defense) and not make an effort to change it, so that it can find a way to open the defenses that it would meet in 70% of the league?

Of course, the formation was not 100% to blame. Another team, with other players and a balanced roster, would do it with 3-4-3 and anything. Specific PAOK but he could not.

This, for those who do not understand why Garcia came and changed formation, working on something else. This, for those who forgot that after the change, with the same players, against closed defenses, he put… three in Panetolikos, three in Apollon, three in OFI, five in AEL, five in Panetolikos, five in Lamia for the cup, others four for the championship and… and… and… Achieved -among other things- to produce the most finals.

He was obliged to Garcia to think about both the present and the future and to prepare a team that will play initiative football and try to dominate. It is true that he had many problems. In many, it did not succeed much, since the automations have been lacking. But he had to lay the groundwork, even with this unbalanced roster of 12 attacking midfielders and 1-2 defensive midfielders without runs and tensions.

We are returning…

For the fifth time lately I write: Ο PAOK and with 4-3-3 for a month, it is more compact. He accepted minimal phases with her AEK, twice and with him Panathinaikos and with him Star. It is really foolish to think that PAOK kept zero yesterday because only… played with three back! First, yesterday it received many more phases than in Tripoli and the Avenue.

THE PAOK but he kept zero yesterday in Charilaou, because Paschalakis repulsed! (A great one, while he was also very stable throughout the match).

So simple… Everyone was used to seeing him PAOK without… goalkeeper and now he thinks that he “succeeds”, because he played with three back!

Beware: And with 12 playing in the defense in the Avenue where the goalkeeper πε was missing, he would eat goals again!

After all the above I need to write something else about yesterday 0-1 and its double PAOK at its headquarters Mars for the third consecutive year?

THE PAOK He was ahead early and from there on, he was waiting behind the ball, a team that CANNOT break down a closed defense! Is there anyone who does not know? One believes that this Mars, or he o Panathinaikos, can they (in the long run) win big goals by betting on… contra football? His course is successful Mars with such a budget, but…

Which team in world football won titles, playing against and not initiative football? A; Two; How many?

And to close: Not even PAOK will of course win something if it always depends on the… first goal. Alas…

This year and in the play offs, he gives his battle to go to Europe, to claim the cup and… then we will see if he will get serious and if he will make a balanced roster, which in football conditions and under the football logic of people who feel, will be able to claim the championship again…

At the moment the fighting continues. And on Sunday comes his team… Diamantidis and his Albert with 3/3 finals, with 2/2, with 1/2 and… goes saying in EVERY match! Awesome stuff…

* In the last blog I wrote about the massacre in the first match of Charilaos, with the three upside down penalties, where the VAR at the end shouted “hammer to leave” and Arians answered, without any argument. No discussion can be opened, with those who NEVER in their lives do not have the strength to even once admit that they were favored, as if… what they will suffer. They did not “see” the foul on Tsigaras in the 0-2 of the second match either. Even now they are afraid to accept that in the process of consolidation, they have the best arbitration in their history. What to talk about? And as for the fact that I do not admit his defeats PAOK or whistles that favored him PAOK, what to comment? Anyone who reads, sees. We are just not the same…

* All those who are still dealing with the… bosses of the city and all these nonsense that the little ones in the Primary School NO longer talk about, how long do they want to understand that they are tired? The irony is that even footballers started saying that. Let someone inform them that we are in 2021 and not 51 (!) Years back, in 1970