For each day that the courier is late there is a right to compensation of 6 euros Plus: Society

All the transport in Hellas, in recent weeks have stalled, resulting in there long delays in parcel deliveries.

That was one of the reasons why the government decided to resort to his choice click away, in the hope that it will be able to reduce the volume of shipments.

THE General secretary of ΚΕΠΚΑ (Center for Consumer Protection), Evangelia Kekeleki, speaking in her Central News Bulletin ERT3, spoke of an unacceptable situation in couriers and stressed that for each day of delay in delivery of his order, is entitled to 6 euros.

As he characteristically said about the delays, “we at KEPKA do not justify them at all. Courier delays had occurred in the previous lockdown since March. They had the time to fix things, to hire staff, to make their infrastructure better. What we are facing now in the second lockdown is unacceptable».

Ms Kekeleki stressed that consumers have rights, but the problem is how to claim them, stressing that both the government and the National Telecommunications and Post Commission are doing nothing to put consumer rights into practice. «There is an instruction to consumers from EETT which clearly states that every day of delay the consumer is entitled to six euros in compensation” he said.