“For almost two and a half months he was in a coma”

O Thanos Kalioras was a guest on the show “Pame Danai” and among other things talked about her loss Jesse Papoutsi, but also for his little granddaughter, Jesse.

«I have a grandchild, she was born shortly after the death of her grandmother, my Jessula! My wife and I baptized her and we are very happy about that. That is, a benevolent soul left and a wonderful and tender soul was born. And of course they have the same name. My son wanted his mother’s name and he did very well. The baptismal name is Gethsemane, but because Jessie’s name is widely known, we call her Jessie.“, Initially said Thanos Kalioras.

Thanos Kalioras also added: «Jesse did not get to know her granddaughter. Unfortunately, in three days, her adventure began when we took her to the hospital and then for two and a half months she was almost in a coma., that is, it never met. Unfortunately νώ While she knew that her bride was pregnant, she did not manage to make her happy, but managed to hear the good news “.

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