Football – police – court reporter! | Superleague Interwetten

Greek football team reporter. Must attend or have news of training. To close interviews, prepare questions, record, study statistics, pre game, watch the match, record highlights, go to the press conference, do locker room reporting, post your topic. Run out; No.

He may have to go to a department at night, file a lawsuit against an agent or referee, if he is obsessed with watching all the European goals and foreign league phases until late at night and set an early alarm clock to be taken to court (the lawsuit that we were talking about) or be ready for reporting and answers on issues related to the Ministries of Sports, Justice, Citizen Protection, Labor, Finance, Environment, for the Land Registry, Urban Planning with a little bit of parliamentary reporting. Football reporter eh?

It must be one of the most difficult professions. One of the most diverse, the most demanding in knowledge, acquaintances and schedules. Due to my professional activity, I often come in contact with young children who dream of the life of a sports reporter for their professional future. I imagine their reasoning is based on “make your hobby a profession to never work.” With them and I, they think very well.

Tireless in watching matches, with a love for sports, very often with a love for a specific team, they want to live in its environment, to serve it from the journalistic function. Obviously I am trying to explain to them that this is not journalism, objectivity even if we have a collective preference is what is required. Excessive attachment to a team or a sport will deprive them of professional opportunities, will greatly limit the choices of the Media and the types of reporting. Specialization is one thing, monomania is another.

Let every child who follows the path of sports reporting know that in Greece he will do little to deal with the sport and more with the committees, investigators, legal advisers, out of court, announcements, sports judges. The Greek football reporter talks more about the CAS than about UEFA, he knows the courts and the training camps and he should be one click below the average taxi driver in a multitude of knowledge.

I imagine the average English football reporter does not visit Scotland Yard as often as his Greek colleague GADA, nor does he spend the day and night in the respective British Court of Appeal. Of course, he does not expect to read the announcement of every English player at halftime of every match, but that is another matter!

I failed to mention that the Greek football reporter must also be a balancer! Let the president talk to him, let the coach talk to him, let the football players pick up the phone, let the fans tolerate him! I can not imagine how many words were written and erased on the computer screen, with a bubble above the head saying, “I better skip this.” Should I wrong the reporter? To put it bluntly, should he write what he knows? Who am I to say that? When the lid of our football pit opens, I prefer to write about tennis, music and books.

Is there a trade union body, media or Justice to protect him? Who do we ask to become a hero? Or who do we send into the arms of utterly militarized journalism to then accuse him of being subjective?

Objective truth is one. When buffaloes fight, frogs pay for it. Instead of talking and writing about the Greek Superleague, do you want to talk about tennis, the NBA, Zlatan and the Champions League? I find a piece easier and φι more friendly for my health.

Υ.Γ. Do not make the mistake of confusing reporters with managers / owners / publishers. The differences are obvious, aren’t they?

Υ.Γ. 2 I would like to believe that the phenomenon is purely football but we know that at the first opportunity know-how is exported to other sports.