Fearless: He has received almost nothing from the transfers! | Analysis of Games & Atromitos Athens

It is true that his people Atromitos and the people of the team, seeing the transfer reinforcement of the summer, expected a “star” to play good football and get results in theoretically easy games. But this has not happened so far. Not a whole lot of good football has been played Damir Kanadi, nor results in easy theoretical games has not got.

Instead, some big wins like me Panathinaikos, AEK, but also the draws in Toumba and Heraklion, have kept him Fearless just 2 degrees below six. However, one of the many … wounds of the team this year is the transfers, of which in essence, apart from one, two cases, the Damir Kanadi has not gotten what was expected.

The gazzetta.gr, tries to analyze the footballers who came to Dove and mainly have not helped …

Andreas Gianniotis

THE Greek goalkeeper returned in the summer on loan to Fearless. He is the only one of the nine acquired who has played in all 90 minutes so far, something that was of course expected to happen. Gianniotis made his best appearance against Asteras, which was the reason why Damir’s team Kanadi did not suffer a major defeat.

In general, he has a stable presence, but in no case does he seem to have as good chemistry as his defenders in relation to his first pass from the club. The fact that with them Χατζηισαΐα, Risvani he is connected by a real friendship, he shows this year that he has only the second one and not him in all the games in front of him, that it affected him very positively in his first pass. Nevertheless, its value Giannioti is known and data is one of the few transcripts that one can say that the Pigeons have won something.

Patrick Salomon

Pure choice Kanadi, The Patrick Salmon. A footballer who plays just as easily as a six, but also as an eight who has played in most games. THE Austrian technician, seemed to trust him from the first games since she knows him very well since she has worked with him in the past. Until the game with him Apollo Smyrnis had played in seven of the nine games as a key player and had a good face.

He did not do anything more, however his performances were consistently good in the midfield of the club and showed that he would hardly lose his place in the starting lineup. Especially when she started tying with him Busuladzic on the shaft. However, starting the game against AEL who was penalized, has lost his place in the starting lineup for three games. Against Mars we only saw him play for 4 minutes, while with Asteras he stayed 90 minutes on the bench with him Kanadi to choose for his second game in a row Gift, Nacho on the shaft. From the transfers that have shown things, but in West suburbs expect more.

Lazaros Christodoulopoulos

His last transcription Atromitos was also the most … impressive! THE Lazarus Christodoulopoulos, wore the star in order to win both of this transfer. Ο μεν Fearless to have a football luxury on his roster and he does not Lazarus, to prove that it can still help at a high level. He joined the team from the fourth game and since then he has participated in all matches.

He is the only one who has given an entire game to his team since the transfers Damir Kanadi. We talk about playing with him Panathinaikos in the OAKA where a change was made in 59 ‘and in 88’ it made the final 0-1. He has also won the penalty with him Apollo Σμύρνης which turned into a goal o Manousos. This is one of the transfers that have really helped the team of Atromitos with the goal in OAKA, but also with his presence in the games, as he is whenever he plays one of the most mobile players of the “star”.

Josip Tomasevic

We move on to the only transfer of the summer when Atromitos took money from his funds to pay a team. The reason for Joseph Tomasevic. THE Croatian left back is still his choice Damir Kanadi and one would expect to get the basic … home jersey, especially since there is no other purebred left back in the team, except the Galvao obtained for selection in stoppers.

The 26-year-old left-back got a basic shirt in the first games but the truth is that his performance was not what he expected Damir Kanadi. Somehow he lost his place in the starting lineup, to the point of being left out of the mission in some games. In the last three matches he has returned to the basic shape and in general he has a good presence, showing that he has adapted and is slowly showing his good face.

Lucas Galvao

Atromitos went on the market as a central defender in the summer and acquired him Lucas Galvao. A defender with a very good resume, who wanted Kanadi and in Nuremberg. He finally managed to get him as his coach Atromitos. Also known from the Austrian championship, o Galvao came to Peristeri to lead the club’s defensive line with his experience and skills.

An injury due to mishandling Kanadi, left him behind resulting in losing the first four games. In the last six games he is a key player and has played in all 90 minutes. In these o Fearless has started zero in three games which are the only ones that have got points. She has made a big mistake in the game with Aris giving the opportunity to her team Thessaloniki reduce and enter the game before reaching a draw. Apart from this mistake, his general presence in the team is good, having helped the left whenever needed.

Juan Munith

The second after Lazarus familiar to the Greek public. This is a footballer who really wanted to bring in Dove The John Angelopoulos, always with his consent Damir Kanadi. THE Munith after a pretty good season in Volos where we met him, he went down to Athena for the next step of his career in Fearless.

THE Damir Kanadi, did not give him enough minutes to participate in the first games as he was looking for a way that would fit him in the team. This brought him out of action in four games! Also the Fearless he has a lot of options in the midfield and he is definitely something that played his part. Nevertheless, the Munith in the last three games he has found a place in the team, in the last two he was a key player, while against Aris he played his best game with Atromitos, scoring already. The “star” has not helped as much as he can and he certainly can do it to a greater extent.

Bojan Matic

The most disappointing transfer of the summer is the Boyan Matic! Atromitos was looking for an attacker almost from the first day of the transfer window, as it was a common secret that Βέλλιος will leave. It was finally acquired in the form of a loan and with a purchase option for next summer, o Serbian from Partisan.

Everyone hoped she would help him Fearless in scoring, where there was a problem since last year and continues this year with him Manouso almost alone to score for them Pigeons! In the end, he has not managed to score a goal after six appearances Serbian, while in his debut he was expelled! Obviously she has not convinced him with his appearances Damir Kanadi to have him in the starting lineup and as long as he has played he has shown a mediocre to bad face. This brought him out of the mission in the game of Tripoli. As we said at the beginning, it is for now the most disappointing transfer of the club.

Amir Agayev

THE Israeli extreme is the second after him Matic which has not really helped at all. Also an option Kanadi, with himself Agayev to have stated that he rejected other proposals to work with him Austrian technician who in the preparation seemed to believe him very much. Nevertheless, in the official we usually meet him on the bench.

After 12 games, he counts only 4 participations, 3 as a change and only 1 as a key player. As long as he has played he has not shown anything good to stand out and he will definitely need more time to show if and how much he can help the team.

Giannis Economidis

We also reach the ninth of the company, which was acquired more as a move that can help in the future. THE John Economides, was released after his demotion Panionios and she is a footballer who was saved from her team last season New Σμύρνης.

His technical director liked it very much Atromitos, John Angelopoulos, which acquired it as a promising solution for the future. It can be seen that this is a 22-year-old Greek midfielder who has the whole future ahead of him and if not this year, next year, he may be ready to play at the level they want to be in. Dove.