“Family business” was selling cocaine with … delivery to villas in Ekali, Voula and Kolonaki

Cocaine Delivery with a phone in her villas and apartments Εκάλης, της Κηφισιάς, του Psychic, της Βούλας and his Kolonaki, from a “family” led by a cruel robber and business arms to his wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

The Drug “supermarket” he worked 24 hours a day and even sent informative sms to the high clientele in order to be aware of the service and prices of the “white lady”.


During the duration of monitoring by profilers of Drug Prosecution of Asfalea Attiki, more than 230 transactions were identified while the police are trying to decode the clientele in order to prosecute the branded customers.

So far, 6 members of the organization have been arrested aged 27 to 52 years, quantities of cocaine, pistols, device were confiscated electrical discharge, knife and 7,800 euros. For drug trafficking, the circuit used specially designed electrical caches in vehicles for “delivery”.

The criminal organization operated mainly in Εκάλη, New Eritrea, Penteli, Chalandri, Kifissia, Maroussi, Psychic, Βούλα, Άλιμο and Kolonaki.


Characteristics of the action of this circuit are:

  • the operation in the form of a “store” 24 hours a day, in shifts,

  • the use of electrical crypts in I.X.E. vehicles used to transport drugs, as well as “service” telephones for drug orders and deliveries,

  • the delivery with home delivery (“delivery”) and

  • the wide range of the clientele, as more than 230 transactions have been certified.

For the dismantling of the circuit, a police investigation was carried out, in the framework of which data were used regarding its action in various areas of Attica and mainly in Ekali, Nea Erithraia, Penteli, Chalandri, Kifissia, Maroussi, Psychiko, Voula, Alimo and Kolonaki, while special investigative techniques were used and profiles of those involved (profiling) were created.

The investigation revealed drug storage areas, specially designed crypts inside vehicles, certified the activities of the criminal organization and the role of each of its members, namely:

– 33-year-old had undertaken the organization of the criminal activity of the circuit, the recruitment of new members, the separation of roles, the management of the finances and the confrontation of any problems, with a direct collaborator 30-year-old arrested, while
– the other members were in charge -as appropriate- of the supply, storage, safekeeping and trafficking of drugs in “shifts”.

Yesterday morning, parallel organized police operations were carried out, with the assistance of E.K.AM. and a police dog, in (7) houses in areas of Attica, where the aforementioned members were arrested, while the following were found and confiscated:

  • (637.8) grams of cocaine,

  • small amount of raw hemp,

  • (3) Ι.Χ.Ε. cars,

  • amount of money (7,800) euros,

  • pistol with magazine,
  • taser

  • air pistol with metal bullet holder,
  • (5) cameras and audio and video recording recorder,

  • electronic precision balance,

  • metal press,

  • (2) remote controls for activating an internal car encryption; and

  • Crowd of improvised nylon packages.

The profits of the criminal organization are estimated to exceed 75,000 euros.

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