Facebook: Fights fake news about coronavirus – Sends alerts to users

Facebook users who like, share or comment on posts that include fake news about coronavirus will receive notifications

Notifications will send it directly to its users Facebook, when they interact with posts, which contain misinformation and fake news about his pandemic coronavirus, according to Fastcompany.

More specifically, if one of its users Facebook does like, comment, the notify a post, which then the Facebook will remove because he felt he was misinforming about his pandemic coronavirus or for the vaccines that fight it, the social media itself will send notification to the user and will inform him of the event.

If the user clicks on the alert, he will be informed of the reason for the removal, while he will also be able to read educational articles about the coronavirus, while he will be suggested to unfollow the page you posted in the post.

It is noted, that both the Facebook as well as other social media, such as Twitter and Youtube, try to reduce the huge misinformation of their users about the coronavirus, while with its new decision stop the fake news and conspiracy theories that have to do with vaccines.