Extraordinary – Coronavirus: Kikilia Alarm for 11 areas

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The Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, spoke about the serious spread of the virus in 11 areas, emphasizing that all the measures will be re-evaluated according to the epidemiological data.

In today’s (16/12) briefing in which Mr. President of the National Medicines Agency Dimitris Filippou o Vassilis Kikilias stressed that the cases have increased to: Kilkis, Xanthi, Pieria, Drama, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Rodopi, Grevena, Pella, Larissa and West Attica.

He stressed that all citizens, especially in these areas, should be especially careful as if they do not comply with the measures, this will have consequences for the spread of the virus and will mean new emergency measures.

He pointed out that infectious disease specialists are currently analyzing the data in West Attica and Kozani, which has the biggest problem.

Mr. Kikilias also stressed that the registration of health workers and hospital employees who want to be vaccinated is starting. He stated that there should be no rush, that the priority in vaccinations will be strictly observed.

“From tomorrow from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon from the 7 health districts and the hospitals of the country, in order to start the registration of all the health. We are talking about all the staff. “Doctors, nurses, bankers, cleaners, everyone,” he stressed.

He pointed out that after the health immediately after, the vulnerable groups and the elderly will be vaccinated because these are the groups that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“For one or two days of so-called holidays, it is not worth risking our lives,” said Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

About how the appointments will be closed, he said: “Responsibility of the Ministry of Digital Policy for sms for appointments. It does not take more than 7 days to book the appointment. It is obvious that as long as the vaccines purchased from the EU are approved, the fan will open. In the first months, until June 2021, the largest percentage of our fellow citizens will have been vaccinated. It does, however, depend on the vaccine approvals and the supply options of the companies. The process is going smoothly and we are pleased that it is being done together in Europe.
“The vaccines will be free.”

The president of the National Medicines Agency, Dimitris Filippou, referred to the planning of the flu vaccination and spoke about the so-called “yellow card”, about the new coronavirus vaccine, ie the monitoring of the new drug to record the side effects: “The Covid-19 vaccine is just around the corner. EOF is on full alert to carry out all the required procedures and to ensure them. I want to refer to the yellow card. The vaccine is safe. There is the issue of pharmacovigilance. Each drug is monitored over time. The AEO will record the side effects and every action will be taken to ensure the communication with the AEO of the vaccinated citizens. We were one of the few European countries to bring drugs with monoclinic antibodies.
The decision to repeat the vaccination will depend on the period of immunity and the level of immunity of the population. “Our experience shows that in order to break the chain, we may need to repeat the vaccination.”


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