Extension of submission of applications to e-EFKA

Athens, 16/12/2020

Extension of the submission of applications of heirs of pensioners to e-EFKA until 21/12/2020

The submission of the applications of the heirs of the deceased pensioners for the return of the reductions of the period June 2015-May 2016 is progressing smoothly. To date, 183,028 applications have been submitted to e-EFKA, corresponding to 137,047 deceased retirees.

For the best service of the heirs, the Management of e-EFKA decided the short extension of the submission deadline until next Monday 21/12/2020.

It is reminded that in the first stage that will be completed on Monday 21/12/2020, the beneficiary heirs are invited to submit electronically the application / responsible statement with all the necessary information without the obligation to attach the required certificates.

If these are available, they attach them at the same time to their application, otherwise they can return to the service until 28/2/2021 and attach them to the application / responsible statement.

From the Management of e-EFKA