“Everyone looks at their life”

On the camera of the show “Happy” spoke on Thursday morning, the Dimitris Kechagias. His former player Big Brother, inter alia, referred to Sofia Danezi but also in his absence from her birthday and revealed that he has left behind what they experienced in reality.

“I have not had the chance to talk to Anna Maria Psycharaki. Why go to the surprise they made to Sofia Danezi for her birthday? We hung out, yesterday I was missing I was out of Athens the children had a good time and the children always have a good time and everyone makes their own life. I have left it behind because there is nothing else anyway. “Everything we shared, everything we chatted stays there and everyone makes their own life.”, said Dimitris Kechagias.

Then, Dimitris Kehagias referred to the conversation he had to take part in this year Survivor. “I have suggestions for many things but I am very selective. There was a chat about Survivor but I didn’t think it was the right choice, I can go to Survivor next year “ he said.

Watch the following video:

Glomex Player (40599w16ki4e70hs, v-cau56s4ri7i1-sf)

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