Espionage in Rhodes: The role of EYP and the thousands of photos

About 2,500 photos and electronic files of Greek targets were exchanged by the 35-year-old general secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes and the 54-year-old Greek cook of the Rhodes-Kastellorizo ​​ship, who were arrested on charges of espionage against our country. Among these archives were photographs of Greek submarines – mainly in the port of Rhodes.

The secret services and the police authorities, as it is known, reached the traces of the spies after information of a Greek soldier who was traveling with the aforementioned ship and considered some of the questions addressed to him by the cook as particularly suspicious. This was followed for many months by the e-mails exchanged on a daily basis by the two defendants, while it seems that their “link” was found in Turkey, which was also the recipient of the information. In fact, the recipient is said to belong to the close circle of a key Turkish official of the Erdogan government. The Greek authorities also conclude that the information given by the 54-year-old cook to the diplomat was not only “for the good of Turkey”, as he claimed, as, according to information, the fee for his services reached 10,000 euros per month.

Tax “haircut” with parental benefits and donations

And in Northern Greece

The arrest of the two spies proceeded after the reactivation by the EYP of the surveillance system of foreigners from Turkey (and not only) who give frequent “present” in our country. And this after a period – under the rule of SYRIZA – that the relevant investigations of national interest seem to have faded. In fact, according to sources, the interest is focused on 2-3 similar cases, mainly in Northern Greece. Although modern technical means (satellites, drones, radar systems) make the apparent recording of military movements of relatively limited interest, the specific research of the EYP is considered to be serious with many unknown parameters.

The two defendants

The 35-year-old consular employee was reportedly – according to newspaper reports in Rhodes – in 2019 to be a candidate for the presidency of the Brotherhood association of the island’s Muslim cultural association. In fact, two years earlier he had posted in favor of “Independent Western Thrace” and had raised its “flag”. For this post, a question was asked in the Parliament and to the then Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Toska.

As for the 54-year-old, he allegedly revealed to the EL.AS staff. who interrogated him that he had met the 35-year-old at a social event in Rhodes, along with other people from Komotini. What was considered useful by his recruiter was that he worked on a ship used by soldiers, whom he approached in an attempt to extract information. His mandate was – during the crisis in the Aegean with Turkey – to record the movements of the Greek Armed Forces and especially the positions and movements of the Navy. The procedures for the arrest of the two spies were accelerated when it was found that visual material they had exchanged for the “arrival of soldiers” in Kastellorizo ​​was made public by the Turkish propaganda.

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