Erdogan must pack and return S-400s to Russia – Newsbeast

The latest moves of the President of Turkey were analyzed in a TV interview on Wednesday morning (16/12) by the internationalist Dimitris Kairidis.

As he stressed speaking to SKAI Recep Tayyip Erdogan Following US sanctions, he met with European Council President Charles Michel on Tuesday.

“He seems to be seeking a restart in Turkey-EU relations after being slapped by US sanctions,” he said.

During his speech to the Turkish people, Erdogan said that Turkey has a presence from Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean to Nagorno-Karabakh.

“They are afraid of his arrival in Ankara Biden“as they do not know what his next move will be, so they are looking to make it clear by January 20, when the new US president will take office,” the internationalist pointed out.

At the same time Akar condemns US sanctions and insists on receiving the S-400s.

International expert Dimitris Kairidis explained: “America’s sanctions are very heavy and important. They hit the Turkish defense industry in two ways, not just because they impose sanctions on some people».

The two ways, according to the internationalist, are the following:

  • The United States is blocking the financing of the entire Turkish war industry, either directly from the United States or through other lending institutions.
  • Any weapon containing an American component, even a screw, cannot be exported to Turkey. This includes the Bairaktar, the famous drones that have American lasers on them, as well as the weapons of third countries that are going to Turkey.

“Few weapons do not have an American component on them. Therefore, there will be consequences for the German submarines and the Spanish aircraft carrier Anadolu “, said the internationalist and continued by saying:

“This move is made before Biden arrives and binds the new presidency. Pompeo did it without Congress, it has not been signed by Trump and he will probably go for a veto. Trump trains Senators “

He also noted that Biden will want to do a restart with all the troubled relationships. But now the sanctions do not change, so Erdogan must pack and return them S-400 in Russia.

«Turkey is trying to find out if there is a retrospective in the US decision, if it includes weapons systems that have already been built and are to be delivered.»Pointed out and underlined:

“It was going to get eight F-35s, which are the main planes – superpowers of the Western Air Force for the next 50 years and losing billions.”