Eleni Menegaki – Gossip is pregnant with the second child of Mateos Pantzopoulos

Live them! Menegaki is pregnant with Pantzopoulos’s second child! The shirt no longer fastens either! Fact η pregnancy her! She also posed, stretching her belly outwards so that her pregnancy could be clearly seen.

From the joy of her ..fifth pregnancy, it is easy to understand that she did not happen to sing today in the rain. Yes, you read well and you see very well. Today, the beautiful queen of Greek television did it!

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Today and after the text of freegossip, Eleni Menegaki -see here the video she wants to disappear- made sure to be with a clearer photo: She took such a pose, wore such clothes so that the point where the belly of a pregnant woman first swells, can be seen clearly!

Looking at this photo, as many women as you have had a child with, you know that this size is of a woman who is about five months pregnant. Eleni has not gained a single gram or point in other parts of her body. Only one belly – baby!

In October, since she started hiding her belly in the photos she uploaded on social media, she obviously thought it was too early to announce it!

The photo that betrayed her pregnancy! 5th time mom!

These surprises are not announced by famous moms or famous expectant mothers, until they feel safe to announce it themselves. Here, in the case of the magically beautiful Eleni Menegaki, it seems that the exact same thing happens.

The abdomen of a pregnant woman is very characteristic! Eleni Menegaki since the autumn, had “taken” in the abdomen, exactly where pregnant women take, without having taken a gram in the rest of the body and in her face!

Eleni Menegaki little Marina

Eleni Menegaki in the kitchen with little Marina

This “can not get pregnant again” but based on the law of probability. Because everything else shouts the opposite. Do not rush to say that it is now several years older, because it is not. Eleni Menegaki wants, as far as we understand, to announce her pregnancy, but she has not yet decided how, then, she does it indirectly, but clearly.

The last photo she uploaded from the kitchen of her house, with her little daughter Marina, would say that she covers the belly of a pregnant woman over five months old, but she does not cover it. In fact, Eleni, who, as she has said in the air, gains the pounds, the points low on the buns and never in the abdomen, now the exact opposite is happening. The abdomen has grown in size even the height of her torso!