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To reach the top, one must learn next to the top! Giannis Bezos is his creation Thymiou Karakatsani, who distinguished his talent from a young age, however the first Greek actress he collaborated with was Aliki Vougiouklaki!

The legend of Greek cinema had a particular weakness in the then, young, Giannis Bezos and spoke of his talent in the best words!

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How could he not become a great actor, when in his first steps he had next to him the top Greek actress? Since we mentioned Giannis Bezos, read an incredible interview here.

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What we did not know about Giannis Bezos

The one who discovered him first was Thymios Karakatsanis, as we mentioned above, when he singled out his talent during a theatrical performance at the “Smaroula” theater. Initially, in the theater he collaborated with Aliki Vougiouklaki.

However, his name gained its current glory thanks to a series of important television successes: “The Unacceptable” (1991-1992, 1992-1993), “Children of Greece” (1993-1995), “She and I” ( 1996-1998), “Bios Anthospartos” (1998-1999), “Extremely family” (2001-2003), “Happy together” (2007-2009) and “My daughter’s wedding” (2010) and in Clinical Case ( 2011).

In many of the TV series in which he starred and has starred, he has collaborated with the director Andreas Morfonios, with whom he is also close friends, while some of them he has directed himself.

He has also starred in various Theatrical Performance in the 1980s and great hits of ancient performances such as “Frogs” and “Lysistrata». In March 2009, the theatrical blockbuster “The Cage with the Mad”, a famous French musical, premiered at the Pallas Theater. Zan Poirot, directed by Giannis Bezos and Stamati Fasouli.

Giannis Bezos is also distinguished for vocal his skills, which he often displays by playing his roles. As a result, he performed musical performances, periodic collaborations and discographic participations (on records by George Chatzinassi, Notis Mavroudis and Thanos Mikroutsikos).

He has been married since 1987 to the actress Natalia Tsaliki, with whom he has been together since 1984 and has shared on various occasions the theatrical stage and television, while they also have a daughter, Iro Bezos (born 1988).