Duchess of Nomikos: We have all the details for the change in her haircut and hair color

The hairstylist, Panos Kallitsis, told us everything.

A few days ago we learned through the show “Love it” and Martzi Lazarou that the Duchess of Nomikos now belongs to SKAI’s staff. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to tell you that now the Duchess of Nomikos is part of the potential of our channel. He will undertake “Make Over”, a daily entertainment program from January. “Overproduction, you have never seen it on Greek television,” said the journalist.

It was expected, then, that the beautiful presenter would also do her own “Make Over” to be brilliant in the premiere of her new show. She did it, of course, a little earlier than we expected since she probably wanted to be bright at Christmas too.

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