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TV audience and its finalist this year GNTM 3 in a live broadcast they learned the scores of the judges of the competition for the second photo shoot.

Andreas, Paraskevi and Iraklis during this second photo shoot of the test pthey ate and drank while advertising a drink.

The judges rated the efforts of the three best models of this year GNTM and the ranking table was as follows:

  • Andreas Athanasopoulos reached 72 points
  • On Friday, Kerasioti reached 76 points
  • Iraklis Chuzinov reached 79 points

The live broadcast of the final started with a trolling to George Karavas

The recorded part of the big one GNTM Final 3 it came to an end and the moment of the live broadcast arrived.

In a live broadcast, the three finalists, Paraskevi, Andreas and Iraklis will find out their scores for the second photo shoot of the final test while they will see together with the judges the decision of the TV audience.

After all, the viewers are the ones who will judge the result and will show which model is their favorite.

After the commercial break, the live broadcast of the GNTM 3 final started, but the judges reserved a particularly stressful joke for coach Giorgos Karavas.

The camera focused on George Karavas who was in the center of the set and waiting for the judges while the man of the production informed him that they are in the “air”.

“First live set and you left me alone?” shouted George Karavas who did not believe that the first time he would go live on the set he was alone.

Vicky Kaya, Dimitris Skoulos, Genevieve Mazari and Angelos Bratis entered the set and informed him that it was a trolling.

The fear of the coronavirus kept Angelos Bratis out of the final

The fact that Angelos Bratis was so absent from his semifinal made a big impression GNTM 3 as well as from the final.

The judge, both during yesterday’s semifinal and in the final tests, gave his scores via Skype.

However, Angelos Bratis himself wanted to give his explanations to the finalists of GNTM 3 and to inform them why he was absent from the set at such an important moment for them, such as final.

So the reason is the coronavirus. According to what he said, the judge was in the same place with a confirmed one case coronavirus and although his tests were negative, he was placed in self-isolation prophylactically.

“I owe you an explanation why I am not. At one point they called me and told me that I had been to the same place with a confirmed case of covid-19. I took myself out of isolation. All my tests are negative. “But I thought I could not put anyone to the test because they might be scared.” Angelos Bratis.

THE Vicky Kaya however, he informed that the quarantine of Angelos Bratis is ending and will be on the set in the live part of the GNTM final.