Dad tattoos the same mark as his son to gain confidence (pic) | Plus: Viral

In the best possible way, he chose to help his son eliminate the dissatisfaction that filled him with the congenital mark he had on his left side, a father from Stony Plain.

His 8-year-old son Derek Prue, was initially proud of it brown sign this, but as he grew older he began to try to cover it in pool, showing that he was not so … comfortable with his existence.

«He had no problem with the birthmark, but I saw that he started trying to cover it upSaid his father, who decided to help him get over it and fill up self confidence.

How; Doing the same at the same point with suitable ink color, a tattoo that would be just like his mark 8 year old son of. So he went to Juicy Quill Tattoo Mr.he insisted on the needle in his body for the whole 30 hours, in order to have the desired result.

«I thought it would be just a date. But the three hours grew to 30, as it required workHe said characteristically.

Today we have a father who’s 8yr old son has a large birthmark, his son is being teased and harassed by kids at …

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In fact, he had not revealed anything to his son. «I just took off his shirt and showed him that I have the same mark as him“, With the little one answering”That’s cool!».

So the next time he went to the pool, he did his homework swimming again without a blouse.

This is derrick Jr. and derrick sr. He is the dad that got his sons birthmark tattooed, its Very cool that he could do this to help his sons confidence and that we could be a part of their story.

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