Coronavirus: Which citizens will receive an SMS about the vaccination

As he noted, in a TV interview on ERT, this is a complex exercise because it has to do not only with the planning of the vaccination but also with the receipt, the Save and power supply of Vaccination Centers, as there has been no group vaccination in the country.

“The main direction is to pre-arrange the appointments and in accordance with the priority given by the Vaccination Committee and the Ministry of Health to inform the citizens about these pre-arranged appointments by digital and non-digital means”, he said and called on the citizens to activate the intangible prescription, through platform and with their TaxisNet codes and AMKA.

As he explained to, the instructions are given step by step so that every citizen can activate the intangible prescription “.

“The citizen who has intangible prescription will accept one message on his cellphone with his pre-arranged appointment with day, time and Vaccination Center. He will accept it if it serves him and he wants to be vaccinated or if it does not serve him then he can enter on the platform and request a new appointment. The platform will work like the airlines, which predetermine a seat for us but we have the ability to change it. That is, the citizen will see there what options he has, in terms of date and place “.

If the citizen can not do it digitally, then alternatively he can go to someone pharmacy, where the pharmacist will enter the form and will close the appointment that serves him.

Also, as Mr. Zarifopoulos said, there are thoughts to serve the citizens and the KEP, but also the activation of a call center so that all citizens have the opportunity to plan their vaccination.

“Our goal is to vaccinate 2 million citizens every month,” he said.

Prioritization for vaccination will be determined by the Vaccination Committee, he noted, adding that all citizens will be informed in a timely manner.