Coronavirus: This is the consent form that will be signed before the vaccination

The feverish preparations continue in 1,088 vaccination centers in view of the launch in Greece of vaccination against coronavirus, even before the new year.

The 64-page vaccination manual has already been sent to all vaccination centers as of Monday night.

The annexes to the manual include, inter alia, questionnaire which will be completed by each citizen before the vaccine is given and one consent form “After informing adults who are unable to provide oral consent”.

Citizens will be asked to answer the questionnaire, among other things, if they have a known allergy, if they have had a significant reaction after vaccination and if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The questionnaire before vaccination

The consent form will be completed by a “legal representative / legal advocate” or by an adult “familiar” who cannot give oral consent.

The consent form

The 64 pages of the manual describe in detail the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of covid-19, the groups to be vaccinated, the available vaccines, their storage, transport and disposal, and how the covid-19 should work. vaccination center and the vaccination process, side effects and treatment errors during vaccination.