Coronaios: Anxiety about the professor who described the hell of Covid clinics – He fights in the ICU

He was shocked by his description through the Covid clinic of the Hippocratic Hospital where he was treated, now he is fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit. The reason for the professor of Cardiology at AUTh, Vassilis Vasilikos.

Speaking to MEGA, he explained that about two weeks ago he had the classic symptoms for seven days, while on the 8th his condition significantly worsened and he needed to be hospitalized in order to receive oxygen.

Mr. Vasilikos claimed in that interview that he will remain for about a week for hospitalization, while he also referred to the cases in which he lost his colleagues from a coronavirus.

“I had terrible shortness of breath, but I was not tired, and I also have my own taste and smell,” he added, noting the difficulties for elderly patients treated in Covid units.

“The problem is the hospitalization of patients, there should be more nurses,” he stressed, emphasizing that senior students of the respective faculties could also help.

For the past five days, Mr. Vasilikos has not responded as expected to his treatment and for the past five days he has been fighting for his life in the ICU of Ippokratio.

“It is a disease that lasts a long time”

Speaking to MEGA, Mr. Ioannis Kanonidis, director of the cardiology clinic at the Hippocratic Hospital, said:

“It had to be intubated 5 days ago. The treating doctors, but also us… it seems that the patient responds positively to his treatment. It shows signs of improvement, and we hope it will overcome it. “

“It is a disease that lasts a long time and depends on the case. In the case of Vassilis he pulled a lot, but unfortunately these things happen.

Vassilis is an internationally recognized cardiologist. “As a person, as I visited him, what I received was his bravery,” he said, referring to the professor.

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