“Conflicts” in EL.AS. for the private use of official vehicles

The case filed by the Internal Affairs Service against two high-ranking officers of the Official Directorate for the use of official vehicles, for daily private travel or for trips to the province is causing upset in ELAS.

High-ranking officials on Katehaki Avenue refer to the constant, irregular use of ELAS vehicles by dozens of officers for walks, shopping of their family members or excursions, at the expense of the Greek state for the (tax-free) fuel, for all the damages. This, of course, when at the same time in the said Directorate and in other ELAS services there are protests for lack of vehicles, for improper guarding of protected persons or for the reduction of crime.

They add that “the case file that was formed – with the accusation of breach of duty – for the specific ELAS executives has an indicative character, in order to stop this abuse and not to continue an uncontrollable situation. From time to time, relevant orders and circulars have been issued – several in the last two years – for this type of mass violations by uniformed personnel, but there is no relevant adjustment “.

ELAS officials mentioned in the case file refer to “an expedient action against them in view of the ELAS crises, in the context of disputes within the security authorities but also on Katehaki Avenue.”

How the investigation started

The investigation of the “incorruptibles” of ELAS is said to have started after a written complaint was sent at the beginning of August referring to its officers who “even go on vacation with official vehicles”. The monitoring of these officers showed, as it is mentioned, that they used ELAS vehicles at least 30 times for their travels.

In addition, there has been a case where two police officers under control went – last October – from Athens to Nea Lampsako in Evia where they ate at a local tavern. The accused officers note that “they went to Chalkida for official reasons (which have not been announced so far) and ate their lunch in this restaurant, without proceeding with any illegal movement”. They also claim that “in no case does the use of an official vehicle for a private movement constitute a breach of duty”.

It is noted that one of the ELAS officers mentioned – without being charged – in this case is an important, active trade unionist, who in turn referred to deliberate actions and games of interest against officers.

However, according to information, some Katehaki executives have expressed their dissatisfaction with “ELAS trade unionists who carry out many interventions and actions in excess of their trade union status”, adding that there should be control for all uniformed personnel.

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