Conflicting data on smokers – What new research says

New research on them smokers and whether they are more or less at risk than him coronavirus are coming to light.

The Federal Center for Health Information (BzGA) warns smokers of the particular risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. A study by the University of Regensburg concludes, however, that smokers are less vulnerable to coronavirus.

Because of the coronavirus, smokers are exposed to another risk of getting more serious. According to the data so far, smokers with damaged bronchi are at “increased risk of serious disease progression,” explains BZgA chief Heidrun Thais.

A few months ago, researchers were able to prove that coronavirus causes lung damage for a long time. Studies have also shown that smokers are more susceptible to infections. Therefore, the Federal Health Information Center considers coronavirus risk as an additional reason to quit smoking. As early as May, experts warned that smokers may be at particular risk for the coronavirus.

Thais explained that “when someone smokes, they regularly bring their fingers close to their face.” He noted, however, that “so far there are only a few important scientific studies on the relationship between smoking and coronavirus. But it is also generally known that smoking weakens the immune system and makes it more vulnerable to respiratory diseases. “Therefore, it is recommended to stop smoking at any time,” he stressed.

However, the ambiguity of research findings on the relationship between smoking and coronavirus is also evident from last month’s report: In a study by the University of Regensburg, researchers concluded that smokers are better protected against coron infection.

According to this study, on average, smokers had coronavirus symptoms for a much shorter period of time than non-smokers.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ