Ciambanis: “There are limits, I make you responsible for what happens to me and my family”! (pic) | Superleague Interwetten

Ciambanis’ post on Instagram after his announcement PAOK:

Do you understand that there are limits? Do you understand that I and my family are not a toy to use us so cheaply and cowardly? Is it my fault that I did not get the money? Is it my fault that I complained about it? Speak clearly. Is it possible for my Federation instead of protecting me to give my contracts to become flyers and for anyone to have access to my address? If you asked me how much I get and how much I got in the teams I was in, I would tell you myself, I would also send you the contracts WITH COVERED MY DETAILS. But you were not interested in that. Your goal was to get my personal information out. Your goal is to get the message across. So I took it and I answer you: I WILL NOT BEND. Football should be a joy, not a mess and I still dream of it. And I will fight for it. My lawyer is already doing what is needed. I MAKE YOU PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO ME AND MY FAMILY.